1. Follow our Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Pussinbootstkn
  2. Tag 3 friends and comment it on the pinned tweet of our Twitter
  3. Retweet our pinned tweet
  4. Fill this form here with all the details here:

Information About the Rules and Distribution:

  1. Airdrop will be ending in 1 week when the Mainnet starts.
  2. A list of winners will be announced on our social media accounts
  3. Delivery of the airdrop will be expected to arrive in 48 hours when the winners have been announced
  4. All entries will be checked manually to prevent abusing or cheating the event

“It is hot in here, or is it me?”

Through the years, I have been known by many names. Diablo Gato, The Furry Lover, Chupa Cabra, Frisky Two Times, and then The Gingerhead man. But to most, I am Puss in Boots, outlaw!!

I am not looking for trouble. I am but a humble gato in search of his…

Puss in Boots

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